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Gospel Artist, LG Morgan launches second studio album

The moment L.G. Morgan was heralded to take the stage for the night, the singer commanded rapt attention.

It was not only a night to showcase his highly anticipated sophomore album, Be Grateful, but it was also the artist’s chance to prove that his time had come and he was now the luminary reggae gospel entertainer worthy of all critical acclaim.

LG took the platform after being introduced by Bishop H.O. Wilson, Senior Pastor of West Toronto Church of God, in North York, the venue of the event, held on March 3rd.

The artist kicked off his performance in an implausible fashion, singing tunes such as Today is a Bonus and Falling in Love with Jesus. His stage presence divulges the incredible progression of his career from his first album, which was released close to three years ago.

Dapperly clad in a white suite, accented by mint green shirt and a white stripe tie with hints of yellow and green, LG effortlessly took control by singing his new single, Be Grateful which has been in rotation on the airwaves. Acknowledging the single as his favourite on the album, and a track he had written, LG in an exclusive with Media Emporium, declared that the song is an anthem of praise to God for bringing him through a long illness.

“The reason I love this song is because I remember when I was sick and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong,” he said. “I was actually experiencing depression. At one point I asked God, ‘God why are you doing this to me and He said, ‘be grateful’,” explained L.G.

The 12 track CD which was produced by Silver Lining Promotions, is a more polished, mature sound, compared to his first studio album, If you Should Come to Christ. It was mixed and mastered in Jamaica by renowned gospel producer Henry Morgan and has 4 original tracks.

The atmosphere at the concert had the makings of both a high-spirited fête and an energetic stage show, with Bro Gee of CIUT 89.5FM’s Gospel Music Machine emceeing the event.

LG brought the audience to its feet with a rendition of Hallelujah medley. The melody has a soft calypso beat fused with a light reggae-flavoured harmony. The artist kicked the tempo up a notch with two old-time favourites Daniel saw the stone and Take a grip my brother. His background vocalists, Dawn Griffiths, Rosan Hinds, his wife Aldene and Tesharah Briscoe assisted in keeping the ecstatic audience out of their seats and on the sidelines and isle of the church.

Briscoe who is also featured on the album, lends her talent as a writer and co-writer along with LG on the project. She has been singing as a background vocalist for LG since 2007, but on her recent trip to Jamaica to work on his album, Silver Lining’s owner and promoter Mr. Howard Mahoney was so impressed with her growth as a singer that he started working with her on her own project which resulted in the release of a two-track CD with the full compilation to be released later this year.

The songstress was the perfect segue for LG, on a night that Silver Lining had both artists to promote. Already a fan-favourite, Briscoe was introduced to the stage amid myriad of screams and resounding applause. The York University student seems to have her own cheerleading squad.

Briscoe did not disappoint. With much reverence, she belted out, How Great is our God with a slight raspy tone to her voice and an element of deep falsetto. As long as I have you, a song she wrote is a powerful ballad that had concert-goers overcome by the Holy Spirit.

As she moves from background vocalist to a solo act, Briscoe is taking it all in strides. “I am thankful,” she says, “but at the same time, it is new territory, so I have to be more assertive, because I am so use to being behind, in the back.”

The result was an opulently entertaining concert that held the audience enthrall from beginning to end. The spell-binding evening was also complimented by some of Toronto’s finest in the gospel music industry. Mzz Sarah G, the vivacious new school artist, who recently burst onto the scene, opened the night in lively fashion with the rendition of her first single “You Love Me”. A big favourite of the teenage crowd, Sarah G, with her flair for entertainment, set the tone for the evening with her commanding performance.

Toronto’s queen of reggae gospel, Kay Morris also graced the stage with Oh what sweet salvation and Jesus name so sweet medley. As expected, she delivered a stellar performance.

Jassette Haughton’s rendition of Four days late and You deserve the glory was a divine worship segment.

The concert ended with a bang as LG beckoned the crowd to repeat after him the lyrics of the opening line to Mash down Satan kingdom. The modestly packed church obliged, singing ‘Hee yaah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.’ The audience went in an uproar when he asked them a second time to repeat the line. The song was the biggest highlight of the night as patrons stomped their feet, gesturing the ‘mashing down of Satan’s kingdom.’

LG who hails from St. Catherine, Jamaica, is a cross-over gospel artist who has recorded several reggae tracks, prior to becoming a born-again Christian. He arguable has cemented his mark in the gospel music arena as the new “prince of reggae gospel” who is ready for the global stage.

“LG has been ministering for a very long time but I believe truly that he has evolved,” says, Mahoney. “He has done fantastically well tonight and he has gotten the respect that is due to him.”

For copies of LG Morgan CD contact: 647-802-0082.

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