Who Died and Made you King?

In the early 90’s or so, this was a popular expression - Who died and made you king? It was obnoxious then as it is now, a way to cut down someone who is deemed to be lording it over you.  Recently, the world saw the practical application of this

King Charles, My Three Princes Won the Day

I can’t say it feels like déjà vu but the energy feels similar.  Thirty-two years ago my father woke me up in the wee hours of the morning and told me to come and watch history in the making.  It was the wedding of Charles and Diana – forever thereafter

Jamaican Artist Impresses with each Brush Stroke

The creation of his work is purely intuitive, superbly refined – his artistic knack to create innovative designs results in highly imaginative works of art unique to his creative genius. Ramone Young, is an award winning Jamaican painter whose techniques combines the mastery of drawings with the essence of colour, to

Pack a suitcase, change a life!

A Christmas vacation to the Caribbean for most returning residents means swapping snow shovels and heavy winter coats for warm sunshine, pristine beaches and traditional island vibes with family and friends. This is not the case for Thelma Duncan and her husband Delovan Duncan who have been travelling to Jamaica for

Ottawa Dance Academy propels young Talent

By Keneisha Walters Amy Pappin A dynamic tap, jazz and ballet performer, a sensational hip hop and lyrical dancer- 11 year old Amy Pappin is an extraordinary burst of talent, who packs a commanding performance package. The Ottawa native, and dance sensation blew the competition away with her tap solo to win this

Binge Drinking on the Rise Amongst Teenagers

Avril Swaby A recent Covenant of Promise Ministries forum has looked at the pervasiveness of binge drinking amongst young people in North York, Ont. Facilitated by social worker Avril Swaby, the forum was aimed at getting people talking and bringing awareness to a topic that is often overlooked. “Alcohol has become the